Takeuchi Seiho & Modern Japanese Paintings
Takeuchi Seiho
Creation by opening new horizons.
Through the ages, Takeuchi Seiho has been known as a great master of
Japanese painting unmatched by anyone in modern- or present-day artist.
Always painting something, his ever-present curiosity in
tradition led him to constantly open up new horizons, where he created his own world-view.
Takeuchi Seiho "ROMA-NO-ZU" Historic Spot of Rome / 1903
Takeuchi Seiho
"KOHARU" Indian Summer (A Cat and a Bamboo Basket) / 1927
Takeuchi Seiho
"KUNPU-YOROKU-ZU" Playing Deer in Balmy Breeze / 1898
Nishimura Goun "ZANSETSU-KIKO" Hungry Fox in Unmelted Snow / 1903
The Mountain covered with dried grass Trees / 1987

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