10:00-17:00 (Last admission at 16:30)


Mondays (though the museum is open on Mondays that fall on national holidays and

is closed on the following Tuesday.)

During exhibition installation

February 11, May 7 and November 11


(including the Takeuchi Seiho Exhibition Room and the Perfume Flacons Exhibition Room)

High school/university students

General admission

Junior high school students

and younger

500 yen

1,000 yen


*Admission is half price for people with disability certificates, etc. One accompanying person is admitted free of charge.

*Groups of 20 or over will receive a discount of 200 yen per person

Getting Here

From JR Hiroshima


From Hiroden Hiroshima


From Hiroshima


From Iwakuni Kintaikyo


When arriving

by car

When arriving

by car

◎Sanyo Expressway → Approx. 10 mins from Ono I.C.

◎Nishi-Hiroshima Bypass → Miyauchi Intersection → Drive approx. 5 mins towards Yoshiwa

   → Turn left at Hataguchibashi Intersection – approx. 10 mins

◎The museum has free parking

◎Please consult the museum map for directions from the car park to the museum.


□ When arriving by taxi, please ask the taxi to pull up at the main entrance.

□ When arriving by car, please pull up at the main entrance and speak to a staff member at the reception.

□ Some parts of the museum are difficult for wheelchair users to access without assistance.

   Please speak to a staff member at the reception if you are a wheelchair user visiting the museum by yourself.

□ The museum has one wheelchair available to borrow for free. Please inquire at the reception.


*Please call if you have any further inquiries (TEL: 0829-56-3221)


Directions from the car park to the museum

There is a free shuttle bus from the car park to the museum (approx. 5 mins). Visitors can also walk to the museum along the Mori Promenade (approx. 15 mins).

Mori Promenade walking course: Approx. 15 mins

Museum shuttle bus: Approx. 5 mins


Museum floor map

Requests for Visitors

□ Photography is allowed unless the artwork has a ‘No Photography’ sign.

   However, please refrain from using flash photography or tripods.

□ Please leave large luggage outside in the lockers. Luggage can be left at the reception if it is too large to fit in a locker.

□ Please refrain from making phone calls within the exhibition rooms

□ Please leave umbrellas and parasols outside in the umbrella rack at the entrance.

□ Please refrain from using any writing instruments apart from pencils.

   Pencils are available to borrow, so please speak to a staff member if you require one.

□ Dark lighting is used for preservation purposes.

   Temperature and humidity levels are also controlled to protect the cultural assets.

   As such, the atmosphere in the exhibition rooms may feel uncomfortable for some visitors.

   We thank you in advance for your understanding.

□ Please be quiet in the exhibition rooms so as not to disturb other visitors.

□ Please refrain from touching the exhibits or exhibit cases.

□ Please refrain from eating or drinking outside designated areas.

□ Please refrain from smoking.

□ Dangerous items are strictly prohibited.

□ Please refrain from bringing plants or vegetation into the exhibition rooms.

□ Pets are not allowed in the museum (apart from guide dogs or service dogs)

Museum Facilities and Equipment

□ Wheelchair: The museum has one wheelchair available to borrow. Please inquire at the reception.

□ Diaper changing tables: Available in the ladies’ toilets and the multi-purpose toilet.

□ Multi-purpose toilet: Located on the first floor.

□ AED (automated external defibrillator): Available at the reception

□ Visitors can enter the museum with guide dogs, services dogs or hearing assistance dogs (other pets are not allowed).

□ Wi-Fi Service: Free Wi-Fi is available on the 2F Umi-Mori Terrace.