Iwakura Tomomi Archive

  This archive features around 1,700 first-grade documents, including letters addressed to Iwakura Tomomi. These shine a light on the history of the Meiji Restoration. Research into the materials has elucidated the events of the Tokyo Tento (the transfer of the capital to Tokyo), for example. The archive was designated an Important Cultural Property in 2013.

The Complete Iwakura Tomomi Archive

Letter from Matsudaira Yoshinaga   2nd day of the 2nd month, 1868 (Keio 4)

Letter from Nakayama Yoshiko  28th day of the 4th month, 1868 (Keio 4)

Memorandum on the Establishment of House of Representatives  14th day of the 6th month, 1868 (Keio 4)

Draft Imperial Edict on the Transfer of the Capital to Tokyo  7th month, 1868 (Keio 4)

岩倉具視伺書・回状  慶應4(1868)7月15日

Memorandum of Fukuoka Takachika  1868 (Meiji 1)

Draft Letter by Iwakura Tomomi   October 19, 1873 (Meiji 6)

Rakuju – Meiji Restoration Commemorative Painting: The Iwakura Mission Leaves Yokohama